Expansion Mandrel Dead Length (EMD)

FlexGrip    12-Jan-2021
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  • Designed for ID Clamping in CNC turning centres / Turn-mill centres and other rotating part machine tools with Power chucking arrangement.
  • Vulcanized Clamping Sleeve closes only in radial direction. 
  • Available in Size EMD63E, EMD100S.
  • High rigidity due to true straight line / parallel clamping. 
  • Run out accuracies can be achieved within 0.010mm. 
  • Also available for stationary part applications with in-built hydraulic actuator.

emd_1  H x W: 0

Dead Length design _1&nb

Dead Length chart_1  
#Technical specs are subject to change without notice due to continual improvement.
1.L4,L5 denote Drawtube In & Out position.
2.* Flat Nose G140, G110 or other special executions for Spindle Mounting are available on request.
3.Drawbar / Drawtube not in standard scope of supply.