Vulcanized Clamping Heads (SCV)

FlexGrip    02-Jan-2021
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SCV_1  H x W: 0
  • Made out of hardened & ground alloy steel segments, held together by rubber webs. 
  • Best run out accuracy and rigidity
  • True parallel / line contact clamping.
  • Available from dia5mm up to dia100mm depending on the basic size.
  • Quick change with manual changing device type MDC in less than 15 Seconds
  • Available in serrated version for gripping raw parts or smooth version for eliminating clamping marks on finished parts
  • Special holding profiles can be made as per customer requirement to clamp odd shaped components.
  • Toughened clamping heads are available for in-situ boring with the help of master ring. 
  • The coolant and cutting oil resistant rubber imparts a long service life
  • Vibration dampening for more stable metal cutting conditions.

#Technical specs are subject to change without notice due to continual improvement.

SCV_1  H x W: 0