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Workholding is a very critical, and oft, a neglected aspect of metalworking, be it CNC lathes, Machining Centres or other metal cutting machines. In most Machine shops, one finds adequate emphasis on top of the line Machines / Cutting tools, but not to the same degree on the Workholding systems. Often this reflects, in lower OEE values and the results in production stoppages & irritations such as:
  • Inconsistency in Geometrical tolerances like Total Run-out, Parallelism, Perpendicularity, Concentricity etc.
  • Variation In Length Dimensions
  • Repeated Soft Jaw Boring in 3 Jaw chucks because of base jaw play
  • In-correct centering action on Non Rotating work
  • Compromised Cutting parameters
  • Painfully Long & Skill Dominant Setup Changes

FlexGrip range of High Precision workholding systems offer just the right answer to these frustrating problems.

These are exclusively designed & manufactured in India for workholding applications in CNC Turning Centres, Machining Centres & various other machine tools

The range is based on the theme of Rubber Vulcanized Collets / Expansion Sleeves & corresponding power operated Pull Back / Dead Length Chucks & Expansion Mandrels. There are specific designs both for Rotating and Non-Rotating workpiece configurations. At the heart of the system, is the Collet (usually called the Clamping Head) made of heat treated & precision machined alloy steel segments, held together firmly by rubber webs. This configuration eliminates the need of spring steel used in manufacturing conventional collets and offer true line contact for firm gripping. These collets can be changed in less than a minute on the machine with the help of a Changing Device.

These principles translate into following distinct features:

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Features & Advantages
The info graghics below illustraters the Features and advantages they offer to the User, in a nutshell:  
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